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Transform Every Neighborhood Together

Awakening the spiritually dead, bringing them back into their birthright as children of God. We want to lead that army into battle, by finding every one of these soldiers and giving them their place in this fight.


Knocking At The Heart Of Your City

Jesus didn’t just save! He comes to find you first! He seeks you out, then he saves you!  Leave the spectators seat take your rightful place as a rescuer. 

What is Tent USA?

The vision for TENT (Transforming Every Neighbourhood Together) was birthed in March 2019. During a time of prayer, Scott was crying out to the lord in a Psalm esq King David moment, questioning why he and his family were in the US. It was in this moment the Holy Spirit spoke these words like an arrow to Scott’s heart. “I want you to roll out Tent Crusades in every major city in the US.” The lord told Scott the first was to be in LA.

He then brought back a word Scott had received in early 2018. He was at Bethel Church in Redding training their school of ministry in Jesus at the Door. As Scott arrived at the senior leader’s staff meeting, a lady hurriedly approached him with a sense of urgency and said; ‘I don’t know who you are but the Holy Spirit just spoke to me as soon as I saw you. The lady was Theresa Dedmon a Pastor at Bethel who carries a prophetic anointing. She went on, I see you walking into cities with a huge tent, and the cities are opening up to you. I see a great light behind you and people are being drawn to that light. She then went on to say the Lord is telling me the movie The Greatest Showman is significant for you.

What is the Heart of Tent USA?

While the devil and his minions proudly parade their carnivals of crime, hate, and violence throughout our city streets seeking to strengthen their stronghold in the hearts of Gods beloved. Another army is on the rise. A mob of mercy stamped misfits, marching to the beat of heavens drum. Comprised of all colours, shapes, and sizes, with one objective – to stomp the gates of hell and rouse a battle cry that will send ripples throughout America’s city streets and beyond.  Awakening the spiritually dead, bringing them back into their birthright as children of God. We want to lead that army into battle, by finding everyone of these soldiers and giving them their place in this fight. 

When people are drowning in the ocean, you call a Search & Rescue team. Brave men and women who’ve already counted the cost and are willing to risk their own lives to respond to the call for HELP! People are drowning in the ocean of life all around us -in our city streets. The call for help has gone out like a resounding gong. Just turn on your TV watch the news. Read your newspaper scroll through social media. BUT still the search and rescue teams are scarce?

The waters are wild. The Tempest is terrifying and the people keep dying!  Who’s going to go and rescue them? 


“I am so thankful for Scott McNamara’s teaching of Jesus at the Door. He has given us a tool that I believe will result in multitudes of salvations. He has demystified the often dreaded work of evangelism making it simple, easy and powerful. Once you see how effective you can be in winning souls, you will be hooked!

Daniel Kolenda, President, CEO, Christ For All Nations.

“Scott and Jaye McNamara are going to change the world with Jesus At The Door. I have seen it first hand out on the streets and even at my band Korn’s concerts. God’s presence is on this ministry in a very unique way.”

Brian Welch, Co-founder of the band Korn and New York Times best-selling author

“Jesus At The Door is a powerful ministry that provides amazing tools for bringing people to Christ. Jesus At The Door is a life transforming tool to transform you into a revivalist.”

Robby Dawkins, Author, Speaker, documentary subject and Equipper